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Sometimes, you just need a beach.  A big, fat beach with drinks that require umbrellas to shade your ice cubes.  Sandy towels and the smell of coconut sunscreen and, of course, someone you like to slather you with a sunscreen massage.  For some of us a beach isn’t a daily occurrence, it’s a maybe once a year kind of thing, rather than the daily dip we would prefer.  Never fear, your beach is here! Your very own portable beach.  A sandy beach.  I can even incorporate some sand from your most favorite beach in the whole wide world–for really real–if you want to mail me a gram or two you can wear your favorite beach.  WOOT.

Each one is different.  The colors range the palest blue like the last inch of ocean touching the beaches in the Bahamas to the dramatic green of my favorite beach off the coast of Key West at the Dry Tortugas National Park.  Brilliant turquoise blue like the waters of Grand Turk or choose the crystal green waters lapping at the beaches of the Turkish and Greek Islands.

Each beach comes packaged for gifting with a silver plated necklace.

In this photo: Bahamas Beach (left) and Dry Tortuga (right).  Just write your choice in the comment section at check out.