Exercise: 30 minutes walking up and down hills that seem much smaller when driving

My house is located in the perfect place for this little adventure to Everest.  I live on a former logging trail, where the foothills feel more like buttkickinghills.  It would absolutely be possible for me to pick a spot in my neighborhood and then walk for an hour or two uphill.  Not that I want to do that today, but I COULD if I was temporarily without an understanding of the consequences of my actions A.K.A. give me a few months.

Not to get too personal here, ok, yes, I’m getting very personal right here and right now, I’m mega chafed.  Like my right inner thigh is begging for mercy, and, if said right inner thigh had fingers, it would show me a particular middle one right now.  Seriously, ouch.

Everest Problem #1 Inner thigh chafing.